Six10 Static Mixer (2pk)

Disposable static mixer for the u-TAH cartridge. This patented product ensures superior mixing performance and allows the operator to be closer to the work piece. The square geometry consists of a series of alternating left-and right-hand elements with intermittent flow inverters which effectively channel the fluids from the walls into the center of the mixer. Available individually, but the price gets better the more you buy.

Our cartridge guns are designed with our products in mind. The caulking gun for our u-TAH™ cartridge packaged products has a power ratio of 12:1. The cheap guns at the hardware store have a ratio of less than 8:1. More power from the gun requires less power from you to dispense the material.

Utilize the convenience of the u-TAH cartridge system by having extra mix tips on hand. A quick repair - grab a mix tip and squeeze out some epoxy that is ready to go, there is no easier way to use epoxy adhesives.

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