EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy

EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy is a two-component, low odor, solvent free, clear casting epoxy. It's ideal for casting small decorative items using up to 6 ounces of epoxy at a time. You can create jewelry gems and beads, kitchen and bathroom knobs, hobby parts, and much more! EasyCast can easily be colored, tinted or combined with fillers to create faux granite or metallic castings. EasyCast can also be used to create faux metal, marble or stone objects and items with embedments. After casting, your items can be polished and buffed to give them a beautiful shine. Use your imagination and see how many creative uses there are!

For projects needing more than 6 ounces of epoxy at a time, please see Castin'Craft Polyester Casting Resin.

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For projects needing more than 6 ounces of epoxy at a time, please see Castin'Craft Polyester Casting Resin.

EasyCast is designed to be used with polypropylene or polyethylene molds for quick release. Flexible rubber molds can also be used if they are treated with a mold release product. Further information can be found in the EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy instruction sheet.

To use EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy, you will need:

  • your choice of casting mold (see above)
  • plastic measuring/mixing cups (try these epoxy measuring/mixing cups)
  • flat wooden sticks for stirring (popsicle sticks work well)
  • disposable craft brushes (most craft stores have these)
  • wax paper or plastic sheeting for your work surface
  • 150 grit or finer sand paper to remove excess material

In addition, some projects may need:

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EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy can be used in many creative ways including small decorative items; jewelry and pendants; buttons; figurines; coasters and paperweights with embedded items; drawer pulls and door knobs; small prototypes; and much more. By adding TAP opaque pigments (for solid colors), Castin' Craft transparent dyes (for a transparent glass look) or fillers for faux stone, marble or metal, you can create endless variations!

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EasyCast Resin and EasyCast Hardener have known health hazards. Be sure they are used only in a well-ventilated area. Eye protection and gloves are also recommended. Please read the MSDS for further information.
EasyCast Resin Material Safety Data Sheet
EasyCast Hardener Material Safety Data Sheet

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