Silvertip Laminating Resin
Gallon w/ 1/2 gal Fast Hardener

Silvertip Laminating Resin<br> Gallon w/ 1/2 gal Fast Hardener
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"SilverTip Laminating Resin with 1/2 Gal Fast Hardener

The SilverTip Resin system is designed and optimized specifically for coating and laminating. When used with a fast hardener will have a working time of 20 min. and will cure blush free to a sandable state overnight. It can be re-coated without sanding within 72 hours of application. This saves considerable time and worry as the usual step of sanding or scrubbing between coats to remove the amine blush is not required.

SilverTip has superior """"wetting out"""" properties when used with fiberglass cloth. Is an exceptionally clear coating for use on wood surfaces that are to be finished bright which makes it an ideal coating for strip building."""


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